About GitLabGo

GitLabGo putting the Power of GitLab into the hands of Everyone

Founded in 2020 GitLabGo is the latest division of Clearvision, a highly successful consulting company skilled in Atlassian, Agile and all aspects of software development technologies.

About GitLabGo
GitLab Partner

Incredible compliment when a vendor like GitLab acknowledges GitLabGo with partner of the year. Our success is as a result of delivering award winning customer service to all our clients, achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our solution are as a result of listening to our clients and understanding their struggles and need to ensure their investment in GitLab gives them the competitive and commercial advantage.

GitLabGo offers personalised GitLab support, training, consultancy and mentorship to companies that want to build the future of their business with GitLab. With more than 100,000 organisations using GitLab’s self-hosted solution, the platform quickly established itself as the leader in the self-managed Git market – and that’s only going to grow.

With a full range of services and solutions to help maximise ROI from GitLab, our mission remains focused: to help your team build better software, faster.


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