GitLabGo Launch

Go from zero to hero

Are you migrating to GitLab, or starting from scratch? GitLabGo Launch is the fastest way for software teams to learn GitLab, in a future-proof, best practice environment. Get full training, mentoring and support – in a single package.

GitLabGo Launch
Prime Support

Don’t let your team chase their tails and lose confidence in their tools; give them the knowledge to succeed with GitLab, right from the start. GitLabGo Launch doesn’t just set you up in GitLab – our experts guide you through every stage: from migration, to managing your instance, to rolling out your product.

GitLabGo makes learning GitLab fun, not frightening. It’s a fully managed service that takes brand new GitLab users from first sign-on to product launch – and we’ll be just as invested in the success of the project as you are.

GitLabGo Launch

How it works

You don’t know what you don’t know – but GitLabGo Launch will give you knowledge you need, when you need it. Our support changes as your team learns, shifting from initial group training, to one-to-one mentoring, all the way to product rollout.

The right support at the right time

GitLabGo Launch grows with you, as a longstanding partner that supports your software team’s DevOps progression.

GitLabGo Launch is for new GitLab users on self-hosted, cloud or SaaS versions. We can help teams from day one, sourcing GitLab licences or creating a private cloud solution from scratch – before guiding you through the world of GitLab.

GitLab Consultancy

GitLab training

Once your team is set up, we’ll move into GitLab training – building a future-proof foundation of skills that help software developers work faster and more collaboratively than ever.

GitLabGo Mentors

GitLab mentors

Hone the skills of your top performers, and build GitLab expertise in-house. Learn advanced methods that take full advantage of GitLab’s features.

GitLabGo Support

Ongoing support

Even after you’ve become a GitLab hero, we’ll be there to support you further. Scale into an Everyday GitLab support package, for essential ongoing support, when your team is up to speed.

GitLabGo’s continued support means you’ll always have your GitLab partner on hand – a partner that knows how you work, and whose service you trust.

Wherever your DevOps journey takes you next, we’ll be by your side.

Prime Support


GitLabGo Launch is tailored to your team and usage requirements. To get a personalised quote, book a free consultation.