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Hire world-class DevOps talent, fast.

If you need permanent GitLab expertise in your team, or have to cover a skills gap, our partners at ClearHub will find you the perfect match. Get the technical skills you need, when you need them – with a great team fit.

GitLab Talent
GitLab Talent - Clearhub

As part of the Clearvision family, GitLabGo has access to ClearHub; a global network of leading GitLab talent. Every contractor has passed a technical test to verify their skills and suitability, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have a competent team player on your side.

We’ll be there to support your contractor and your team throughout the contract – because your success is our success.

Hiring GitLab talent with us

Build better software, and build your company – with world-class GitLab talent on your team.

Unlike generic recruitment, GitLabGo knows the needs of DevOps professionals, with specific understanding of the GitLab platform. This means you will not only get a highly-skilled practitioner on your team – but you and your contractor will also have access to our 25+ years of software tooling knowledge.

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GitLab Talent

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Don’t let your team endure another period of crunch; get the skills and support you need in GitLab, for as long as you need them.