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Bridge the gap between technical support and bespoke solutions, with a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) from GitLabGo.

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When you know where you need to go with GitLab, but not how to get there, you need a TAM.

Your TAM is like a personal guide through the technical deployment and implementation journey of your GitLab instance. They bring all the skills and tools that will create your ideal solution together – as a single point of contact.


Your partner on your GitLab journey

Get a dedicated GitLab liaison to answer your questions, with full ownership of your requests and needs – for unrivalled customer satisfaction.

A TAM from GitLabGo will help you turn your desired business outcomes into actionable objectives, by understanding your goals and how GitLab can achieve them. GitLabGo is a GitLab Select Partner, so your TAM will be certified as a GitLab professional, with complete, up-to-date knowledge of GitLab.

A relationship you can count on

Your TAM will connect your team to GitLab, and keep your objectives on track. Make your investment in GitLab a huge success, with the planning and guidance of a GitLabGo TAM.

Prime Support