Migrate to GitLab

Move your most important assets with confidence

Moving from one source code management or DevOps system to another can feel like a big risk. But with GitLabGo, you won’t have to worry about data loss, downtime or teething troubles when you migrate to GitLab.

When it comes to GitLab migration, nothing is more important than your data – the crown jewels of your business. GitLabGo has been in the software tooling industry for over 25 years, and we’ve carried out complex GitLab migrations from leading platforms, efficiently and successfully.

We know how important business continuity is during a platform migration, and you can rest assured that we’ll get you up to speed quickly and safely.

Migrate to GitLab
Migrate to GitLab

Fully customised, fully managed GitLab migration

Accelerate your move to GitLab. Get back to making better software, faster.

Tell us your goals, and GitLabGo will design a migration package that moves all your users and version-controlled source code data to GitLab – without missing a beat. Your source code will remain readily available, for total business continuity, while your GitLab migration is carried out.

Migrate to GitLab from GitHub, Bitbucket or legacy systems

Move all your users and repositories from another instance, from any other platform.

Whether you’re transitioning away from legacy CI/CD platforms into GitLab’s single-application developer experience, or simply want to use GitLab for its enhanced efficiency, GitLabGo will get you where you need to be. Our phased approach to GitLab migration will give you confidence and security at every stage.

But that’s not all; once your GitLab migration is complete, choose our team of certified GitLab experts to carry out detailed training – and help your dev team get maximum benefit from your new software tooling environment.

GitLabGo Courses

Ramp up with GitLab training, from certified GitLab experts

Optimise the way you work in GitLab, with productivity-boosting GitLab training courses that let your team hit the ground running.

Get full GitLab training in our on-site or remote training courses, and we’ll share all of our knowledge with you. Our goal is to help you become self-sufficient GitLab experts – and we offer a range of training initiatives and consultancy packages suitable for all teams and knowledge levels.