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Ever wonder how you can harness the true power of GitLab? Our video tutorials are your answer! Exclusively for Nokia.

01 Push Rules

In 2 minutes, we’ll show you how to control what’s allowed into your repository with Push Rules – your GitLab repo’s personal bodyguard.

02 Advanced Search

Learn how to use GitLab’s Advanced Search feature – the laser-focused, no-fuss way to find what you need across your GitLab instance.

03 Scoped Labels

Scoped labels let you clearly label things like priority and status in GitLab, without any confusion. Learn how to use them in 3min.

04 Assignee Lists

With lots of issues, assigned to lots of users, it can be easy to lose track. GitLab makes it easy to view and track issues in Issue Boards.

05 Milestone lists

Create an easy-to-manage list of issues, grouped by each project milestone; from Alpha to Beta – all the way through to Gold.

06 Audit Events

Admins! Keep track of what’s happening across projects, groups – and even your whole GitLab instance. Find out how to use Audit Events.

07 Auditor Users

Did You know? GitLab admins can give Compliance everything they need to audit your GitLab instance – with read-only access as Auditor Users.

08 Disaster Recovery

Learn about GitLab’s Disaster Recovery features, and recover your work – even if the worst happens!

09 CI/CD pipelines dashboard

Understand the operational health of ALL your projects in GitLab – in seconds. Find out how to use the Operations Dashboard.

10 Contribution analytics

Contribution Analytics shows you the team members who’ve contributed the most to a group or project – and which ones might need your help.

11 SAML SSO for groups

​Learn how to use GitLab’s SAML SSO for Groups feature: the powerful, fast way to securely grant access to your team.

12 Environments dashboard

Use the Environments Dashboard to *quickly* track the progress of deployments as they flow through staging > production environments.

13 Merge Trains

Form a queue of Merges within your projects, which happen one after the other, each with complete compatibility checks and feedback!

14 Burndown Charts

Use burndown charts to track the number of issues associated with a milestone.

15 Burnup Charts

Get a super quick and clear snapshot of the Issues related to your Milestones, both open and closed!

16 Epics

Epics are used to group issues that share a theme across projects and milestones.

17 Protected Environments

Environments: Discover where a code is deployed.

18 LDAP Group Sync

LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

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