GitLabGo Prime

World-class GitLab support, guaranteed.

GitLabGo Prime support is for software development teams who want all-encompassing GitLab support, with an unmatched level of service.

Prime Support

Prime is GitLabGo’s world-class, concierge-level GitLab support service. It meets the exact needs of your team – with rapid response, proactive problem-solving and fully customisable service levels. We’ll always be at your side, supporting your team from within.

Our goal is your success with GitLab. So, if you give us anything less than a NPS score of 8, we will credit back your support time.

That’s our guarantee.


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Prime Support

Proactive support

As your dedicated GitLab support team, our service is always on – working behind the scenes to ensure your system is well-maintained. And in the event of an incident, it’s all hands on deck.

You won’t have to log a support ticket or pick up the phone. With GitLabGo Prime, the status of your GitLab instance, hosting environment and pipelines will be actively monitored – addressing problems before they’re able to affect your product or your team.

And in a crisis, we’ll be there. GitLabGo supports your internal team with any tasks they need to get incidents and outages resolved – backed up with our 25 years of software tooling expertise.

A true partnership, far beyond service

We’re not just along for the ride – we’re here to drive you forward.

Your team will get a fully personalised GitLab support service that recognises their goals. Our team will be deeply integrated and involved with your product and specific workflows, to help you achieve the best outcomes for your customers and your business.

A true partnership, far beyond service

We’re not just along for the ride – we’re here to drive you forward.


Proactive support and monitoring


System health checks


Mentoring for 2 admins


Global coverage, 24/7/365


Sickness cover for key admins and personnel


A dedicated Technical Account Manager


Emergency support

25% Off

Up to 25% off other GitLabGo services


Scales with your usage needs

Prime Support


GitLabGo Prime is completely bespoke, and tailored to your business. To create your ideal GitLab support package, let’s set up a free consultation.