What is GitLab?

GitLab is designed around security, automation and seamless workflow, enabling your teams to build better software faster

GitLab Partner

The Single DevOps Platform, delivered as a single application

The GitLab application handles the A to Z of software development, from hosting the code repositories all the way through to automated deployment. With project management tools, security templates and fully customisable pipelines, you won’t need any of the external integrations to get started – but with GitLab’s multitude of third party integrations, you’re free to pick and choose exactly which parts of the tool you’ll use.

Offers seamless integration throughout the whole DevOps team

Issues and Merge Requests offer the perfect centralised location for discussion and idea generation on every aspect of your development journey. Each and every merge can be reviewed and approved by as many, or as few, team members as you require, to ensure that the code being pushed is safe, correct and optimised.


Focuses on Security Shift Left

Gone are the days of having to wait until customer testing to find security holes in your code. GitLab offers security templates that can be baked right into the start of your pipeline, including SAST, DAST and Dependency Scanning, all in just a few lines of YAML code.